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Steelo Brim, the renowned American TV personality and comedian, was born on June 5, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Many people are curious about his net worth in recent times, and if you’re one of them, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into Steelo Brim net worth as of 2023, which stands at an impressive $6.7 million.

Steelo Brim has carved a notable presence in the entertainment industry as an American television personality, comedian, and actor. His career has spanned various television shows and films, making him a recognizable figure across the United States. Some of his notable appearances include the TV series “Ridiculousness” (2011–present), “The Playboy Morning Show” (2010–2016), “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” (2009–present), “Pause with Sam Jay” (2021–2022), as well as roles in films such as “The Perfect Find” (2023), “Hardball” (2001), and “Scream: Killer Party” (2015).

In this comprehensive article, you will not only discover Steelo Brim net worth but also delve into his biography, career, family, age, height, weight, social media presence, and even his net worth trends over the past five years. Stay with us until the end to gain a complete understanding of Steelo Brim’s journey from start to finish.

Net Worth$6.7 million

Personal Life
Date of BirthJune 5, 1988
Age35 years
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States
Height5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
Weight78 kg/143 lb
ProfessionActor, TV Personality

Biography / Wiki
Real NameSteelo Brim
FamousHardball (film)
Current CityChicago, Illinois
Food HabitVegetables

Physical Stats
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Father NameFrank Brim
Mother NameTracy Brim
Siblings2 brothers and 1 sister
RelationshipAlahna Jade

Who is Steelo Brim?

Steelo Brim is a famous American television personality, comedian, and actor. He is known throughout the United States for the TV series Ridiculousness (2011– ), The Playboy Morning Show (2010–2016) and the films The Perfect Find (2023), Hardball (2001), Scream: Killer Party (2015).

What is Steelo Brim Net Worth in 2023?

Steelo Brim’s dedicated fans have shown keen interest in his net worth, and I will here provide you with the details of his net worth status. It is worth noting that as of 2023, Steelo Brim net worth has reached an impressive $6.7 million. Now, you may be curious about the sources that have contributed to his substantial earnings, and below, we will take a detailed overview of Steelo Brim’s income streams.

Income Source:

TV Personality: Steelo Brim has earned a major part of his wealth through his career as a TV personality, which has increased his net worth significantly. To clarify how he earns income in this role, Steelo Brim mainly earns money through his appearances in various TV series.

Actor and Comedian: Apart from his TV personality role, Steelo Brim is a famous actor who has earned a good amount of income throughout his career. He has worked in films such as “The Perfect Find” (2023), “Hardball” (2001), and “Scream: Killer Party” (2015). Furthermore, his talent extends to comedy, which contributes to his income as a comedian in various film projects.

Social Media Accounts: Steelo Brim has also found a lucrative stream of income through his active presence on social media platforms. You might be curious to know about how he makes money from his social media accounts. Well, Steelo Brim takes advantage of its popularity to secure sponsorships from brands on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, he monetizes his YouTube channel through advertisements, further strengthening his financial portfolio.

Net Worth$6.7 million
Source of EarningTV Personality, Actor and Comedian,
Social Media Accounts
Yearly Income$3 Million+
Monthly Income$800k+

Steelo Brim Net Worth in Last 5 Years

Steelo Brim’s fans also want to know about his net worth record of the last 5 years, so rest assured that here we will present the record of Steelo Brim net worth of the last 5 years.

  • In the current year, 2023, Steelo Brim’s net worth stands impressively at $6.7 million.
  • In 2022, his net worth was recorded at $6.4 million.
  • The year before that, in 2021, Steelo Brim’s net worth reached $6.1 million.
  • In 2020, his net worth amounted to $5.7 million.
  • Going back to 2019, Steelo Brim’s net worth was reported at $5.5 million.
  • And in 2018, his net worth was estimated at $5.2 million.
S.NoYearsNet Worth
1.2023$6.7 million
2.2022$6.4 million
3.2021$6.1 million
4.2020$5.7 million
5.2019$5.5 million
6.2018$5.2 million

Steelo Brim Biography

Steelo Brim, the talented individual, entered this world on June 5, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. His passion for the arts, particularly acting and comedy, ignited at a young age. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, he was lovingly raised by his parents, Frank Brim and Tracy Brim.

Steelo embarked on his educational journey at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, where he laid the foundation for his future pursuits. Following his high school years, he continued his academic path by enrolling at Morgan State University. There, he dedicated himself to his studies and successfully completed his college education.

Upon earning his degree, Steelo Brim took a pivotal step in his life. At the tender age of 19, he made a life-changing move, relocating to the bustling city of Los Angeles. This move marked the beginning of his journey to pursue a thriving career as a TV personality.

SchoolWhitney M. Young Magnet High School
CollegeMorgan State University
Year of Birth1988
HometownChicago, Illinois
Next BirthdayJune 5, 2024
OccupationTV personality
Last UpdateOctober 2023

Steelo Brim Career

Steelo Brim’s journey in the entertainment industry began during his childhood. In 2001, he made his debut with a small role in the film “Hardball”, which was the first step in his career. After his school and college years, he took the important decision to relocate to Los Angeles. During this phase, he ventured into the music industry, gaining valuable experience.

He received an important invitation from Rob Dyrdek to co-host his new MTV show, “Ridiculousness”. Steelo Brim not only served as co-host but also served as the show’s creative producer. This marked the beginning of his association with Dyrdek’s productions, which included appearances in the “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” and “Wild Grinders” TV series.

Steelo Brim’s career continued to grow with notable roles in various TV series and films. His credits include “Ridiculousness” (2011–present), “The Playboy Morning Show” (2010–2016), “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” (2009–present), “Pause with Sam Jay” (2021–2022), Including theirs. Recently appeared in “The Perfect Find” (2023) along with previous projects like “Hardball” (2001) and “Scream: Killer Party” (2015). His unwavering dedication towards his TV personality and acting career propels him towards greater fame and success.

Steelo Brim Family & Relationship

Now, let’s delve into Steelo Brim’s family and his romantic life. His father, Frank Brim, holds the distinguished position of a battalion chief within the Chicago Fire Department, while his mother, Tracy Brim, serves as a pastor. In addition to his parents, Steelo Brim has two brothers and a sister, whose names have remained undisclosed to the public.

Steelo Brim’s ardent fans often express curiosity about his romantic relationships. Let me tell you that at the moment, Steelo Brim is in a relationship with “Alahna Jade.” In a heartwarming development, the couple recently became engaged on the 11th of July. With this exciting news, it’s safe to anticipate that wedding bells may be ringing for them in the near future.

Father NameFrank Brim
Mother NameTracy Brim
RelationshipAlahna Jade
Siblings2 brothers and 1 sister

Steelo Brim Social Media Accounts

For Steelo Brim’s fans who may be unaware of his social media presence, here’s a comprehensive rundown of his active accounts on various platforms:

Although several fake accounts have been created in his name, his only verified accounts are on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and we discuss these in more detail below


  • Steelo Brim’s official Instagram account is registered under the handle “steelobrim.”
  • He initially joined Instagram in February 2012 and continues to be actively engaged with the platform.
  • It’s important to note that his Instagram account is verified, affirming its authenticity.
  • Currently, he boasts an impressive following of 1.8 million fans, while he follows 2,070 accounts in return.
  • Steelo Brim monetizes his Instagram through sponsored content.


  • On Twitter, you can find Steelo Brim using the handle “SteeloBrim.”
  • His journey on Twitter began in September 2009, and he remains a regular contributor, sharing photos and videos.
  • As of now, he has a dedicated following of 343K Twitter users, and he follows 804 accounts in turn.
  • Similar to Instagram, Steelo Brim generates income through sponsored content on Twitter.


  • Steelo Brim also maintains a presence on YouTube through his channel named “steelo9610.”
  • His YouTube journey commenced on July 3rd, although his subscriber count is relatively modest, standing at 5.89K subscribers.
  • It’s worth noting that Steelo Brim’s YouTube activity is less frequent, which accounts for the lower subscriber count.
  • He monetizes his YouTube channel by featuring advertisements in his content.

While Steelo Brim is not active on every social media platform, he remains connected with his fans through Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where he shares his experiences and engages with his audience.

Social MediaSocial Media Account
InstagramVisit profile
TwitterVisit Profile
YouTubeVisit Channel

Steelo Brim Age, Height & Weight

Steelo Brim is currently 35 years old. Additionally, her height is 5′ 8″ (1.73 m) and weight is around 78 kg.

Age35 Years
Height5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
Weight78 kg


1. What Is Steelo Brim Net Worth?

Let us tell you that Steelo Brim net worth has reached the figure of $6.7 million in 2023. 

2. How Old is Steelo Brim?

Steelo Brim was born on June 5, 1988, so he is currently 35 years old.

3. Who is Steelo Brim’s wife?

Steelo Brim is currently dating “Alahna Jade”. They recently got engaged on 11th July. Now both of them will get married soon. 

4. What is the height of Steelo Brim?

Steelo Brim’s height is 5 feet 8 inches.

Final Word Of Steelo Brim Net Worth

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